Rhythms of Grace

Pinning it to the cross


Pinning or nailing your sin, shame, guilt, condemnation & shortcomings removes the limits and restrictions that you have been carrying that prevent you from being effective & efficient because the burden is too heavy for you to carry.

The chains that restrain you.

The prison doors that close on you.

The shackles that slow you down or remove your reach …… can no longer keep you bound and contained.

Jesus’ blood has paid the full price so you can walk in freedom. From your head, hands, heart, back & feet so you can face a world that needs the same and you don’t have to do it alone.

He has given you, not a helper but THEE Helper – The precious holy Spirit.

Become the person He ordained you to be by walking in your repositioned self, in the crucified Christ at the cross. Leave the old self behind – go with the new self.



Ps Mandy