Rhythms of Grace – A promise before the plan

A PROMISE BEFORE THE PLAN (Devo adapted from Jessica Hadrick)

Genesis 15:6 NKJV “And he believed in the Lord, and He accounted it to him for righteousness.”

God often gives us the promise way before he gives us the process. God told Sarah she would birth a child in her old age, but God never told her what age that would be. God also didn’t ask Sarah to assist him in bringing his promise to pass. As time passed, Sarah and Abraham didn’t see or hear anything from God concerning the promise he gave them. They began to think God needed their help to accomplish his promise to them. We are guilty of this, too!

God gives us our destination before he gives us our directions. Maybe to provide us hope, as we are sitting in still places where it feels as if nothing is happening. A still place is important because it is where our faith is exhibited and strengthened. We learn lessons, obedience, patience, and perseverance in the still place.

It is crucial that we stay faithful in the still places rather than attempting to hasten the process by doing anything to assist God. We also don’t want to emotionally make a decision, to move on to something we think God would have us to do.

In the still place, we learn to identify God’s voice and his silence. If we make a false move without hearing God, we could jeopardize the promise God has given us or delay it. Sarah and Abraham did decide to make a move without God. They didn’t forfeit God’s promise, but they did add unnecessary stress to both their lives and the lives of others.

Often in our haste to reach a promise, we try to step in and help God like Sarah and Abraham, adding undue stress to a stress-free promise. Don’t compromise your promise by refusing to wait on God in the still place. Allow God to complete his work in and for you. Get all that God has for you by simply enjoying the still and holding onto his promises.

Nb! Don’t move, don’t doubt, don’t complain, or strategize, simply be still and wait. God has a plan for his promise and your life.


Ps Mandy